Tourism and culturein an environment richin history and nature

“The roots of an identity” is the name of a project coordinated and managed by the Comunità Montana Valtellina di Sondrio which has put its Municipalities online, in collaboration with four prestigious Italian universities, with the aim of bringing to light the roots of its own community rediscovering the characteristics and peculiarities of its past, between Prehistory and the Middle Ages. The numerous ancient testimonies of the territory will return to life, thanks to this important project, with new meanings: from the petroglyphs to the archaeological mines, from the castles to the sacred landscapes, from the medieval settlements to the agricultural and forest landscape. The territory of the Comunità Montana Valtellina di Sondrio is very rich in art and culture. A lesser known form of art, certainly, but not less beautiful and less important than that which is most known and widespread. A type of art that uses the elements and knowledge of the territory and that perfectly represents the typicality of mountain places and the industriousness of the populations of the past. Prehistoric sites rich in petroglyphs, churches, remains of castles, ancient rural hamlets with typical mountain peasant architecture, mills, old forges, mountain huts and stone houses blend harmoniously, among the fascinating and winding streets of town centers, to ancient and imposing noble palaces. The whole territory is a kind of open-air museum that still shows, in the present, the life and activities of the past. The testimonies of the past are ideally linked together by two important routes that can be followed on foot or by bicycle, which cross the territory of the Comunità Montana Valtellina di Sondrio: the “Sentiero Valtellina” and the “Sentiero Rusca”. Along the Sentiero Valtellina you can practice many new and increasingly popular sports (pump-track, skateboarding, calisthenics and others) thanks to special facilities recently built. Moreover, many outdoor activities can be practiced, such as a simple walk or a roller-skating ride, immersed in the pure air and the natural beauty of unspoiled landscapes along the Adda river. Landscapes that relax the mind and body and that are the best antidote to stress and the frenzy of modernity. The Sentiero Rusca starts from Sondrio and, going up in altitude, arrives in the Alta Valmalenco, a land where traditional alpine skiing and all the other winter disciplines (cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, snowboarding, ice skating, walks on snowshoes and much more)  nd, in this territory, the perfect setting for those who love adventure and contact with nature. Practicing sports in such a charming and fascinating environment, surrounded by wonderful snow capped mountains, is without a doubt a rare opportunity. For those who love winter sports, the Valmalenco is the ideal place to spend the classic skiing holiday for a week, or even just a weekend away with friends. Wonderful, wide, long, slopes surrounded by a spectacular natural environment, are the ideal setting for those who love skiing. There’s something for everyone. In winter, here, we are spoiled for choice. And in the evening, after a day on the snow, enjoy a nice dinner with typical local products accompanied by the great wines of the Valtellina. Then, after dinner, it’s nice to relax and get warm by the  re in one of the many, wonderful and welcoming hotels that are always happy to host tourists from all over the world.
A holiday in our part of the world, at any time of year, is an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on it!

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